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When we were walking so far in New Orleans, we stopped for a late brunch or lunch at Kenton's.  I am pretty sure we got their lunch menu.  I had their crispy grits with wilted spinach and a pulled pork.  There was a sauce involved but I cannot remember what it was.  I know my mouth thought heaven arrived.  My Beloved had the breakfast sandwich with homemade potato chips.  I am not a fan of either and I could have eaten every single bite.  I just had enough to taste.

I had a nor'easter to go with it.  Kenton's description is food and bourbon so I wanted something with bourbon in it.  A nor'easter was described to me as a bourbon moscow mule.  I would say not.  I looked up the recipe when I got home.  I needed more limes anyhow!

I used less lime then the recipe called for because I find most recipes are just too heavy on the lime for me.  I have been using ginger syrup and soda water because that is what I have but light on the soda water.  The recipe suggests to make a batch, except for the soda water, and store it in the refrigerator.  I find that works well.

So here is my recipe with my small changes.  An easy go to if it is sitting in the freezer.  Easy to make.


Note:  I used the nytimes.com recipe as a go by.  I doubled the quantities because I do store it in the freezer.

2 ounces maple syrup

2 ounces ginger syrup

juice from one lime

8 ounces bourbon

2 ounces soda water.

Mix everything in a mason jar except the soda water.  At this point, you can store in the refrigerator if you wish.

Fill a highball glass with ice or use a 2 inch ice cube.  Fill the glass about 2/3 with the bourbon mixture.  Top with soda water until about 1/4 inch from the top of the glass.  Or no soda water at all.  Stir.  Drink.

This is enough bourbon base for two drinks.

I would love to drink this in front of a fire with a book.  Maybe in November.

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