yes, it has been quiet around here

It has been quiet in this space.  The Tall Short Person and Koda Bear started school the same week.  I do believe one of them brought the crud home.  We have all been ill.  I have been trying to work on my new project but honestly, I am lucky to just get through the minimal things I need to do.  I can sit at times.  

I started a Christmas present for my best friend.  I was wandering around instagram and saw some cool things being made with Caron yarn.  Not expensive.  Acrylic.  But kind of fun.  So I picked up some Latte Cakes (that is what they call these skeins) and started playing with it.  It is not my norm but I do like how soft the yarn turns out and I am liking the weight of the project.  There will be some warmth and comfort when I am done.  If I keep being sick, it will get done faster then I thought it would!

Health. I hope to feel better soon.  Which I am actually doing.  It is just the breathing and energy that are difficult.  I am no longer running fever so that is much better!


And another wood working project started

This is a picture of what I was doing at lunch today.  I have started building the truck cabin for the mobile sharpening truck for Serenity Knives.  Does it feel a bit daunting?  Yes.  But then all of my wood working projects have felt pretty daunting to begin with.

What has not helped this is the heat.  Usually, September starts giving some hints that the heat will break.  Not yet.  It is currently 100 degrees with a heat index of 106 outside.  Even under the carport, that is too hot to move around too much.  

I was actually getting a lot done.  I felt like I might get all the framing for the floor in.  But then a lot of sharpenings came through the shop.  Because I am learning how to do sharpenings, I had work to do.  I enjoy the process because it is meditative.  The boyos are a hoot to be around.  They make me laugh.  I feel like I am just starting to get a handle on the sharpening thing.  I know there will some hiccups on the way though.

I have about a month to get the majority of it put together.  There will be more pictures of it in process but I have other projects I am working on too.  I do have to say I have gone back to a simpler bread loaf again.  Mostly trying to keep everybody happy and to get more nutrition into Koda Bear.  Bread is sometimes all it seems he eats!


pancakes on the road

I find when I travel I crave pancakes for some reason.  I have no clue why at all but it is what happens.  This time I put together a mason jar full of sourdough pancake batter so I could have some pancakes while traveling.  I just need to add an egg.

So I did not have them while traveling but we did have them on the mountain.  I had forgotten to bring syrup so we ate them with fruit.  Berries that had been sitting in sugar.  Bananas that had been sauteed in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  It was so much better then maple syrup.  Though I really like maple syrup.

I also made the pancakes silver dollar size.  They were so much fun.  I like the small pancakes so much better then the large ones.  And I have a wonderful alimunum griddle on the mountain.  I am looking in thrift stores to see if I can find one for the city.

Back in the city, what did I do?  The same thing but with apple.  Braised apple.  Brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.  Life does not get much better then this.  And I am so ready for autumn!


missing this walk

Life during the first week of school for the Tall Short Person and Koda Bear plus add in a holiday weekend and it has just been a bit busy!  I needed some quiet this last weekend so instead of writing in this space, I took a nap and worked on a blanket.  That was very much where my head was.  And my body did not like coming back to the heat and humidity.  Skating is much easier then walking but even hours of that can hurt.  I have much to do in the next six weeks and I am just going to take it a small bit at a time.

I do have to say, I miss the walk we took.  After hiking so much in the Rocky National Park, we decided we really needed to do more in our own "backyard."  Or at least our mountain backyard.  The Tall Short Person found the Chain Lake Trail in the Mount Baker Wilderness.  Even though she and Blue were not with us, we decided to take a walk.

The hike is a circle of lakes near the Mount Baker visitor center.  It is about eight miles in length and 1700 feet in elevation.  We started at the visitor center and went clockwise around it.  We got the worst of the uphill done first!  The views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuskan were fabulous.

There were two very primitive campgrounds on the walk with pit toilets.  We had lunch the one near Mazama Lake, at the campground there.  It was lovely.  And Koda Bear could touch the water and I was not worried because it did not have the drop off I am used to with mountain lakes.  For example, Iceberg Lake which we passed.

It was a good day.  I enjoyed the trees a lot.  I did hang back from the boyos for awhile in the beginning.  Just until they got their hiking legs under them.  I hike differently.  Tortoise like.  Much more of a walk.  Take a moment to look at mountains, trees, lakes.  I do not talk much when I walk.  I do need a bear bell and I am looking at buying walking sticks.  They will probaby be high tech poles but that is okay.  Being able to break down to my backpack is a good thing.

After the crazy business of the last week and a half, I am ready for another walk.  I had thought I might get to Salida, Colorado this weekend for a fiber fair but it is not going to happen.  To close to this last trip and I have a truck cabin to build before the middle of October.  I am supposed to be purchasing lumber for it today.  

I am at least going to make a start.  Dream about mountains and autumn a bit.  Dream about going for a walk.



On the mountain, we have been sleeping in the loft of the machine shed.  Every time we go up, we have been doing a little bit more to it so it is more livable.  First it was a counter for cooking.  Then walls to protect the sleeping portion from so much weather.  Then it was more counter.  Now, one of the railings we have been talking about is installed.

The railing really got a push after on the people on Alaska The Last Frontier fell off their second story porch and died.  It is a boy thing to pee off the porch at night instead of maybe going someplace safer.  Also, there is the thought that Blue may be coming up to the mountain at some point.  I will be putting some netting up then but this will help.

The boyos really wished to use round wood so they did.  Again, all the supplies were either from the mountain or from another project.  I did not help much but I did sweep.  Pee holes in the railing were something that was a requirement and they were measured and tested.

I do like how it turned out even if I laugh the whole time it is being built and tested. :)