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some how it is lighter

I made a sour cream green chile enchiladas on Saturday.  But I am having issues with corn.  It is causing a lot of inflammation.  My hands swell up badly and it makes everything harder to do.  I notice the inflammation in my hips, knees, and any place of recent injury.  Poultry is the same which is why you see so few recipes with anything poultry related.  I know I have substituted potatoes before for the corn tortillas but not what I wanted.  I wanted something closer to a tortilla.

We have been using mjukstut for tortillas lately.  So much flavour!  I figured why not.  I made a batch of mjukstut and used them in the enchiladas.  I also used about 1/4 cup of sour cream in the enchiladas instead of a full cup.  I do not know how, but the enchiladas were very light!  I actually was able to eat a much larger portion then normal.  And the added flavour!  It was excellent.  So, try it!  It is a fusion that some grandmothers are probably rolling over in their graves but so good!  It is going to become a standard.

There was only one problem with this meal.  Not enough leftovers for the next day.  Sigh . . .

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