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more orange and tropical

I am a bit surprised I am writing tonight.  I overtired myself today and the bad tummy became an issue.  But after a bit of sleep and a very little food, I have enough energy to think.  Tea is one of those mainstays of my life but this week it has been one of the few things that have settled my stomach.

Before this bug though, I tried another sangria recipe.  I like the berry one I posted better but if you like rum, orange, and pineapple, this is good.  I added some berries to it and it appealed to me more.  This one I have to drink cold and has sat overnight.  The other, I can drink as soon as I mix it.

But this could be a nice change.

tropical sangria

750 ml merlot

1 1/2 cups dark rum

1 cup agave

1 cup orange

11 ounces of pineapple chunks

1 cup each strawberries and raspberries, optional

1 orange peeled and sliced into pieces, optional

Mix the merlot and rum in a 1/2 gallon container.  Mix in the agave and orange.  Mix very well.  Add the fruit.  Mix.  Cover and refrigerate at least overnight.

Like I said, very drinkable but I prefer the other.

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