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it has been a long day and I wanted mac and cheese

I worked too many hours today in the office.  There were too many conversations with answers that said "they drank the kool-aid."  There were too much of fixing things because other people did not truly understand.  I could have stayed another four hours but I decided to go home after an extra three.  I just wanted comfort food like mac and cheese.

But I did I do the simple thing of pulling out pasta and melting cheese and butter with it?  Nooooooooo!  I make gnocchi from scratch.  Cook the gnocchi.  Sauté a bit of basil in olive oil.  Pine nuts and garlic if you wish.  Put in a bowl.  Sprinkle with asiago cheese. 

My type of comfort food.  My type of mac and cheese.

I have probably written this recipe here before but this is really this easy.  Even after working an eleven hour day.


2 cups mashed potatoes, prepared for eating

1 cup flour

Mix the potatoes and flour together.  Knead until smooth.  You may need a bit more flour for the sticky.

Roll out snakes.  Cut.  Roll with a fork if you want the ridges.

Bring water to boil.  Dump in the gnocchi.  Pull out when they float.

You can serve them with anything you wish but I was craving mac and cheese.


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