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peanut butter

I came across a description of someone making chocolate peanut butter.  Reading the instructions, I was like "it is this easy to make peanut butter?"  Years ago I had tried to make peanut butter and it was just not pretty.  The trick here is a very high speed motor and time.

It is just letting it go.  Small Mister loves pushing the buttons for me and is a master peanut butter maker.

The boyos liked it so much, they started drizzling it on their pancakes!

peanut butter

peanuts - I used both a toffee peanut and a spanish peanut.  I made two batches.

Dump the peanuts in a food processor or a high powered blender.  Blend for one to three minutes depending on how many peanuts you have and how smooth you want the peanut butter.

The peanut butter will start as peanut bits.  Then it will start making peanut balls.  Or one big ball.  Do not stop.  Do not add oil.  Do not think something is wrong like my Beloved.  Just keep blending.  The peanut butter will start to smooth out.  This is when to start testing for the consistency you want.  I did not process it as long for the toffee peanut butter.  There are still some crunchy bits.  The spanish peanuts I processed longer and you could drizzle it.  It was very smooth.

I did not add any extra salt but you can.  You can add sugar or honey if you want something sweeter.  Or that chocolate.  My Beloved saw a chocolate covered curry cashew.  He thinks that could be interesting.

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