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Happy Valentine's Day Apron

We went camping this weekend.  I took hand sewing with me because we were just too full for me to pull out my hand crank sewing machine.  I found the hand sewing very restful. 

I have been playing with apron design.  I love the pattern from Sense and Sensibility.  Okay, I do not like how much fabric it takes.  Or some of the construction because it is just odd.  I have always tweaked the construction and simplified pieces of it but kept the main body because I really like the fit.  But that four and a half yards of fabric.  That just hurts.  

I played with the design.  I used the skirt from most of my dresses, changed the pockets and waistband, and modified the bodice but kept the princess seaming.  I like how it turned out.

The shape is very similar to a fully princess seamed design but it only uses about two yards of fabric.  Maybe a bit more but I am still playing with the bodice a little bit.  I was able to use fabric from my pile for this without having to go to the fabric store.  I may enough of the small printed green to make another apron.

I really like the back closure because I get so tired of leaning against the knots if it was tied.  It hurts.  I do have this tendency to wear aprons most of the time.  It is one of the few ways I have pockets!

This was actually a present to myself.  My Beloved made me a card today and sharpened all my knives.  Which works for me.  I can tell when my kitchen knives have not been sharpened four days later.  Another knife sharpener my husband knows tells me I am similar to a professional chef.  I just cook a lot and use sharp knives.  Life is too short for dull knives.  

It was a lovely Valentine's day.  There will be more posts about the food we shared.

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