simple presents

I have a friend who is becoming a grandmother again.  I was invited to the baby shower but I am going camping that weekend.  I will also say that shower type parties of any kind are not really my thing.  

That does not mean that a gift was not created.  I had some leftover flannel from pajama making at Christmas.  Two pieces that were small boy toned.  I get very tired of the baby colors anyhow so these are a modern take and not very babyish but boy.

I just cut the fabric the same length as the width so I have a square.  In this case, it was about 45 inches.  I hem all the sides and a simple receiving blanket is created.  They are actually a touch bigger then what is easily purchased.  I find that they get used longer because they are great in car seats and strollers.  Koda Bear still uses some of his when we travel.  They are a perfect weight for sleeping in the car.

Just a simple gift.  Mailed off already because that is what life is like currently.  But I am finding that it is starting to become less wonky currently.  Hopefully, I just did not jinx myself!


tough week

It has been a tough week.  Lots of emotions.  I think the emotions will be around for a long time but there will not be a funeral.  Or memorials. 

The Old Man was waked well.  There were stories and laughter.  Skates were put on for the first time in 20 years.  Or close.  But we are the Old Man's.  Which means we put on our skates.  Laugh that we cannot do anything and then someone tries the first spin.  Then it is all over.  I have the bruises to prove it.  I hit a rut and went down setting up for a one foot spin.  It took three days for the bruise on my bum to even color.  But it does not really hurt much to sit on anymore!  But did I just go around in circles after that?  That would be wise with not having skated in eighteen months, yes?  Not if your one of the Old Man's.  His statement would be:  again.  I am going to make myself cry just writing this.

It has been a week of lots of visiting and people.  Not as much drama as could have been expected but there was stress.  I have ended up with an ear infection and cold.  I chose to take care of it by sleeping a lot instead of drugs and pushing through.  I think it was the correct decision.

I am off to see more people today.  I made the brownies for dinner tonight.  It is a Kraft corporation recipe but everyone seems to love it.  A good throw down dinner addition. I will put an enchilada casserole together to take with us as well.  There will be laughter, walks on the beach, food, adult beverages.  A nice change from an emotional week.  Maybe I will actually get something finished to show here!


bear crap

This week has gotten away from me.  The weather has been cold here.  Not that that is a huge thing for most people, but the idea of snow and ice shuts this city down.  Let alone ice, snow, and temperatures in the teens.  I do not walk if there is ice, lightening, or my path is flooded.  The ice was because of my parents and I did not expect it here.  I did not walk one day because of ice.

My Beloved came to me and said one of the other boyos brought in this sweet, salty, savory, chocolately snack into the shop.  My Beloved wanted to see if we could create something similar.  We created something.  I thought it would be interesting to show the beginning steps.

This is not going to be the final recipe but I can tell you that the boyos like it.  I actually think it should be made more similar to a chocolate bark but I have heard no complaints.  I actually do not know what all is in it.  There are some pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, Chex, mini marshmallows.  We experimented with melting chocolate with some marshmallows and folding it in.  Not quite right.  But I also think that part of the problem may have been the type of chocolate that was used.  Every bit of chocolate that was not nailed down was used.  

I know all of this will get eaten.  I know  I have a half roasting pan full of non-chocolated bits and pieces that I can play with some more.  I will just keep laughing.

I may be quiet in this space this coming weekend and week.  Memorials, a funeral, and recovery will need to happen.  I am just taking breaths.


t-shirt dress

This picture was taken yesterday.  I was outside modeling the dress I made.  Today there are icicles hanging from the roof.  The weather can be so different in 24 hours. 

It went from almost 70 to 26 currently.  I cannot complain.  I am home safe.  It is warm.  My foot is healing.  Now, if the boyos would not give me there bugs.  I had plans on making a salmon pie for dinner.  At this rate, it is going to be toast and eggs.  Something very settling on the tummy.  They have had yucky tummies and now it appears I may as well.  I may just go to bed very early.  Not a very big deal but I do get to hear a bit of complaining.  

I do like this dress I made.  I had some left over jersey from a present I had made.  Part of what is so nice is that the jersey is very wide and I can only buy it in yard increments.  It is also organic and milled in the US.  I can get other things out of a piece I purchase for a project because of the width and purchase policies.

This t-shirt dress was an experiment for me.  I did all the straight sewing on my treadle sewing machine.  I did anything with a curve or an edge by hand.  It is not a fancy dress but it is a comfortable dress and I can use the concept again.  I like a-line dresses but I would be the first to admit that they are probably not the best shape for me.  But the comfort!  

I have more jersey I can work with.  Maybe even enough to get a straighter dress out of some.  But I have been asked to make boyo clothes.  The boyos basically wish to have old fashioned working suits.  Something you would have seen years ago.  Shirts, waistcoats, blazers, and pants.  I am starting with a few shirts.  Maybe a waistcoat.  They make me laugh!  Because the whole group comes up with this type of thing which makes it even more funny!  When I say the boyos, I mean all of them.  And Koda Bear may be wishing similar clothes as well as their newest hire.  I will have to see.  


trying to be sensible

I have been doing a lot of hand sewing this week.  Not very exciting when it comes to pictures.  It is for a new to me dress so there will be pictures when it is done but I am doing and embroidery stitch for the hems.  It takes time.  It has been a good place to let thoughts come and go.  And talk people down from emotional highs and lows.  

I have never helped with funeral arrangements before.  This has been interesting.  I have come to a place in my life where I try very had not to create drama or deal with drama in my life.  Having a significant person die alone creates drama for many people.  I feel like every one should do there best in this situation.  Sometimes your best is just letting go.  Because this involves the ice skating community, not going to happen.  Emotionally, I am tired.

I have been having problems walking this week.  The heel bruise I have became much more painful when I had to wear more dress like shoes.  It had been suggested to me that I could try a new pair of shoes with more padding.  It is where I spent my morning.  Trying on shoes.  Everything I put on my feet felt better then what I was wearing.  I

had a few conversations while I was shopping.  The outdoor store I went to had people working there who have actually used a lot of products.  I got into conversations about how far I walk, about how far I have walked since June.  I realized I should have probably replaced these shoes last June.  I just hope there is healing that goes on now.  I did do the sensible thing and bought more then one pair so I can rotate.  I have about a week before I know I have to wear a more dressy shoe.  I am pushing for healing.