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beer vinegar

That cookbook I was reading recently that was about Icelandic cooking?  The Chef there had this interesting vinegar he was making.  It was from beer.  He does not use pepper but he uses this.  Makes it himself.  It made me go mmmmmmm....

There is a lot of fermentation that goes on in my kitchen.  Vinegar making is one of those so I thought why not?  The worst would be that I would give it away to one of the boyos.

I poured two bottles of porter in a quart jar and covered it with muslin.  I let sit on the counter for a month.  I did have some vinegar mother so I put that in but the recipe said you did not have too.  It was one of those things I liked about the fermentation recipes in this cookbook.  They told you how to start from scratch!

A month later I had more mother grown and vinegar.

I had to strain the mother from the vinegar.  But I still have mother growing in the jar pictured at the top of the post!

The taste was not too beery.  I have been using this vinegar in place of the rice vinegar for sushi rice which we use in poke bowls (yes, I am getting there).  I already have more fermenting and wish I had started a larger jar.  But the boyos drank the extra beer.  I think I am the only one who thinks beer is extra.  Not my beverage.  But this is good vinegar and I will continue to make it.  Now I just need to figure out how to ship it across international boundaries for a baker on the east coast of Canada.  And make larger quantities.  

Bigger jars.  I need bigger jars!


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