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sourdough flour tortillas

I have been asked and asked to make sourdough tortillas.  I have not.  One of the things I did not pick up at the grocery store during the storm was chips.  I am still very sensitive to corn so I do have to pick up non-corn chips.  They were left on the shelf during the storm.  But the numbers of people in the store.  It was just a bit overwhelming.

So I made sourdough tortillas to eat bean salad with.

They were a success.  And easy.  They did seem to stay more flexible longer which is always a plus.  But I did have bread dough rising that was water, flour, and salt.  I know I do not do sourdough like anyone else.  So not surprised.

sourdough flour tortillas

1 cup starter (I used bread dough, about 250 grams)

3 tablespoons olive oil or butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

Flour for kneading

Put a griddle on to heat over a medium low heat.

Put the starter (or bread dough) in a bowl (Make sure you have kept something in your jar for next time).  Mix in the oil and the salt.  Mix in enough flour to be a stiff dough.

Turn out onto a clean floured surfaces and knead until smooth.  I actually had not incorporated all the oil in when I started kneading so I was kneading that in as well.  When smooth, portion into two inch in diameter spheres.

Roll out into rounds.

Cook on both sides until there are golden dots.  Remove and cool in cloth.

The interesting gotcha here is that I have never had true success with whole wheat tortillas.  I only have whole wheat flour in the house currently and these were successful.  That is huge!  I know one more thing I will be making.  But then I was looking up how to make my own barbecue potato chip today so I just think I am crazy.  But then there was also the down the rabbit hole trip for Valentino dresses.  I want to sew dresses but I do not need dresses.  What a conundrum!

And I am babbling.  Oh well.  It is a nice feeling when a trade happened for sheetrock and tile work.  A trip to the hardwar store is in the offing.

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