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hand sewing

This is the season where I seem to have a lot of birthdays.  Or maybe it is better said that I have birthdays where I wish to deliver more then a card or flowers.  Since what most of what I have been working on is gifts, I cannot show the pictures until the end products are delivered.

I also have this tendency to plan more then I have actual time for.  Especially when Koda Bear is about.  But that is life.  I will make sure all parts of the presents are delivered but it might take until Christmas!  Then I start this all over again.

I have been dealing with first world problems this last week.  The internet to the house went down and I figured out a way to get around that today.  But it is very much a first world problem because I could have gone to the library.  I do not like to leave the house most of the time and it would have felt like there were too many people about.  And since my ant bites, my lungs have felt very congested.  It makes every bit harder.

There has been a snap decision made and adventuring is going to happen.  Starting tomorrow!  There is usually more planning in my life but that is not the norm this summer.  Everything seems very spur of the moment.  It is a nice place to be actually.  To have the luxury.  

So . . .  off to the mountain we go.  Maybe I can thrift some wool threads to fix a sweater.  Boyos will be around but not me.  I am also planning on bring back fir branches to play with dye.  I might just have room in the vehicle on the way back.  Who knows though!  

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