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frozenish yogurt

I am not a big frozen yogurt fan.  I like what I make.  I like one brand out.  I do not like stuff on my yogurt.  Or ice cream.  Whether that is stuff on top or mixed in.  It is who I am.  But today I was craving some frozen yogurt.  It is just hot out.  Records may be broken today.  

I like citrusy tangy frozen yogurts.  So I go for a frozen Greek yogurt most of the time.  Lime is a big favorite.  Where I normally go for frozen yogurt was much to far out of my way today for me to get there.  I decided to create something at home.

I used 5 ounces of an Icelandic key lime yogurt, about 2 ounces of ginger syrup, and a quarter cup each of mango, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.  Into the blender it went.  Full power for a three minutes or so.

Into the bowl.  I could have put it into the freezer for about thirty to sixty minutes to firm it up some more but I could not wait.  It was frozen enough for me.  Cold when it is hot.  One of the best ways for me to get the fruit into me because I am still poor at eating fruit.  It comes from I think it is a good idea but I do not do it.  I would rather eat a dish of roasted veg.  But this worked for me.  Much better then going way out of my way to buy something.  Actually better then buying frozen yogurt out.  I will probably do more of this while it is so hot.  

Hopefully, records are not broken today!

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