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Lots of maintenance

The rest of our trip did not go as planned.  We were planning to go up to the mountain.  Do maintenance.  Hang out.  See our neighbors.  

My parents had a tree down.  Since my Dad had two knee replacements last year, the idea of him trying to take the tree out with a bow saw was not very appealing.  We ran up to our property and picked up a chain saw.  The next day we got to doing cleanup.

The tree was bigger then was thought.  Can I say the right size chain saw always seems to be on the wrong coast.

I got to clearing out paths.  Something else that did not happen while my Dad was recovering.  I found another downed tree.  It was much smaller.  I also felt like I was going a bit clipper happy but I got bit by too many salmon berries.  Anything could bite me, especially in the head, was gone!

Five hours later, my parents back yard was cleaned up.  It is actually a designated wild space so eagle and deer can have a bit of a habitat as houses go up in the area.  I do not use that movement every day so I was a bit tired at the end of it.

The next day, we went back to the mountain and did the same thing there.  Except in the rain.  I have whacked back so many salmon berries!  I also trimmed trees so vehicles could go up and down our road easier.  I have been threatening for two years to get another pair of muck boots and I did in Minnesota.  Can I say, best decision ever!  No sales tax and a breathable lining.  After ten hours in two days, I was very happy for both.

In Bellingham, I hit up the non-profit thrift store I like.  They thrift fabric.  Between them and the coupons I had at the quilt store in Snohomish, I came back with a lot of fabric for my quilts.  I did not go to the quilt store I like in Bellingham but that was probably a very good thing.

Back on the road happened.  It was much too soon for my liking.  We had to take the long way back because Koda Bear was coming back with us.  He is only here for a short time this time which always makes me a bit sad.

I will say after this trip, Houston home does not feel very right.  I even feel a bit displaced inside my workspaces.  It will get better.

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