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to grow into

When Koda Bear and I were adventuring, we stopped in Ashland Oregon.  Part of it was for a bathroom break.  Part of it was for play because I knew of really nice park that I had been to about fifteen years before.  

The Bear loved it!  One of those he did not wish to leave and would go back to in a heart beat.  I liked it because there was kids playing there of all ages.  With parents playing too.  It did not matter how old the kids were.  There was a play structure, a rock climbing feature (not just a wall), a rope climbing structure, and all the trees and creeks you would wish as a kid.

It was just pretty.  There was some sun.  The rain had stopped for a few minutes.

The other thing was I got to go to a yarn store.  A yarn store I wished to go back to since the last time I had been in Ashland.  Koda Bear was very good in the store even though he wanted to still be playing.  And he kept asking where the tent would be setup that night.  We got to my parents that night so no tent.  But yarn was purchased.  Actually most things were purchased were for the Bear!

He tried a hat on while we were in the shop.  He wanted me to make it but I did not think it was soft enough.  He agreed.  And picked out different yarn.  I made him a hat while we were at my parents.  He wanted it to be big enough to grow into.  He wanted ear flaps.  It ties.  It has all the things he asked for.  

Who knows if he will wear it this spring but he might wear it next winter.  I can wear it if he does not.  It may just get snitched!

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