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blood orange tequila beverage

Since the Maker's Market and the finishing of the last quilt, I have not felt creative.  If not creative means sitting at my spinning wheel and making yarn.  Or crocheting sweaters.  I just needed a different kind of creative but it is not very picture worthy.  I am still working on a quilt because I never make anything easy the back has many pieces.  I am just being slow.  Maybe next week. 

I have not wanted to be creative in the kitchen but want to make doughs with yeastie beasties.  Nothing really very new just beasties.  Next week there will be more time because this weekend there will be many motorbikes in many forms.  Not very surprising for this time of the year.  I will not even have the time to be in this space for the rest of the week.  Just many motorbikes.

After the quilts were finished and shown, I had a day and evening to myself.  No family.  I made myself a salad and needed to use blood oranges so I made something similar to a margarita but it was not a margarita.  Tasty but refreshing.  I am writing it down for next year when blood oranges are in season again.

blood orange tequila beverage

juice of three blood oranges

1 to 2 tablespoons lime juice or to taste

1 to 2 tablespoons agave or to taste

2 ounces tequila


a bit of ginger soda

Mix the blood orange juice, lime juice, and agave.  Start with the smaller bits and taste.  Adjust to your taste.  Add tequila.  Mix.  Pour into an eight ounce glass.  Add six small ice cubes.  Pour in enough ginger soda to fill the glass or to your taste.

Lovely on a quiet weekend evening.

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