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best cookies ever?

I was at the grocery store and Koda Bear wanted banana chips.  Cool.  Whatever.  I had two bunches of ripe, soon to be very ripe, bananas at home.  I use them for smoothies.  Or as they are often called around here, milkshakes.   I know they are not but . . .  

I do not have a dehydrator but I decided what would happen if I put banana slices in the oven over night at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I was small, I was a Campfire Girl and one Christmas we made carrot beads.  Chopped carrots into slices and put them in a low oven over night.  We made them into necklaces for our Moms.  It also could be used for soup.  I got looked at very strangely when I told this story.

I put a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Covered it with banana slices.  Put them into the oven at 170 degrees for about twelve hours.  

Out came the "cookies" as Koda Bear calls them.  They have a bit of chew in them I am told.  My Beloved would say they taste like candy.  Again, one of those things I would not eat but I do make for my family.  If Koda Bear wishes to eat everyone of these, I will not say no.  Sometimes he feels like he is sneaking and I just smile.  It is just two bananas.

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