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crisp waffles

I finished my Christmas present baking yesterday!  This is exciting to me because now I can bake some of those recipes that I have been wishing to try.  There are actually a few sweet recipes that I might be putting off for a few weeks or months.  I am a bit over sweet.  And there is still a birthday cake to bake next week!  That is life.  Christmas themed sweets in the lonely month of February.  I should probably send out those in boxes as well.

My Mom was talking about the waffles they ate at a distant cousins house in Norway.  Crisp, with berries and whipped cream.  The waffles sounded really good.  Then a saw a recipe in passing on Facebook.  I pulled out the tome (The Nordic Cook Book) and looked it up.  Looked like a simple recipe so I decided to give it a try.

Now, I will admit that I usually make yeasted waffles.  But I do not care which waffle it is, waffles just take a long time to cook so I usually save them for weekends.  This waffle seemed to take even longer, especially on the way to crispy.  The recipe is so simple that having good ingredients really count.  Also, I do not have the traditional Scandinavian waffle iron.  It may have helped the process if I did.  I already have too many traditional kitchen tools on wish lists so I did not buy something new.  I would not have any room in my kitchen if I did buy them all!  This is when I laugh at myself.

By the way, my Dad always asks if I make lefse when I am around during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My lefse rolling pins have an easily accessible home.  I use them at least once a week but I do not think he believes me.  If he could see the picture above.  But my Dad and a computer?  No.

crisp waffles

Note:  This is a traditional recipe taken from The Nordic Cook Book by Magnus Nilsson 

13 tablespoons of water

180 grams of wheat flour

a pinch of sugar

a pinch of salt

1 1/4 cups cream, whipped to soft peaks

melted butter for the waffle iron

Pour the water in a bowl.  Mix in the flour, sugar, and salt to form a batter.

Whip the whipping cream until soft peaks form.

Gently fold the whipped cream into the flour batter. 

Pour onto a waffle iron and bake until brown and crispy.

I served the waffles with powdered sugar since I did not have any extra whipped cream and berries.  Pretty lovely.  Especially if you want waffles and forgot to start a yeasted batter the night before.  

Yes, that does occassionally happen.


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