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pasta for lunch

Because of the boucherie, homemade pasta was requested for lunch yesterday.  I learned from Chef Tom Ramsey that egg pasta needs a long rest after making.  Four hours is great.  Twenty four is better.  But he was having us make an eggless pasta at the boucherie due to time and hands needed.  I used the eggless version yesterday.

He told me the porportions with semolina flour is 4 flour to 1 water.  I did not have semolina flour but I did have some nice organic all purpose.  One cup of flour went into a bowl.  I made a well and sprinkled the flour is as I mixed with my hand.  You want pea shaped clumps if you can get it.

This is what I got.  I started kneading.  I wet my hands twice and it all came together.  Very little extra flour.  Pasta is how little water you can use, bread is how much.

The dough turned out very silky.

I wrapped it in cling film so it could hydrate.  I had an hour or so but you only need about twenty minutes.  I was putting together two more bread doughs at this point.

I floured my counter and started rolling.  I wanted it to get as thin as possible.  There was a very silky finish to it.  Then I floured the whole dough again, loosely rolled it, and cut noodles.

I put them on a floured baking sheet because I could not find my quarter baking sheet.  I have a good idea where it is.  I let the noodles dry until hunger happened.  My Beloved wanted is noodles in broth so they were similar to ramen.  I made cacio e pepe for myself.  Quite lovely.

I am having lunch with friends tomorrow.  I got asked to make pasta again and because there was time, I put together an egg pasta dough.  100 grams flour to one lovely Mr. Hatterman egg.  Let it sit. 

Life is good.  At least this part.

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