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simplest mango sorbet

I was listening to the audiobook Recipes for Love and Murder while I was sewing.  The heroine writes recipes and an advice column.  One of the first recipes she shared was for a mango sorbet.

It was so simple and it was read.  Peel and pit a mango.  Slice it so it freezes evenly.  Freeze until not hard frozen.  Blend with a bit of lime juice.  Sorbet.

I had to try it.  Peeled and pitted mango went into the freezer.  But then life happened and it froze hard.  Lime and a bit of water.  Or for the next batch, a bit of lemon simple syrup because it is in the refrigerator and I need to use it up.  It was just wonderful!  And the grocery had these wonderfully large Australian mangos.  They might get some more and if the do we need and equal amount for eating fresh and eating as sorbet!  Mango just lends itself to becoming sorbet.  I wish more fruit did!

simplest mango sorbet

1 mango, peeled, pitted, and sliced

juice of one lime and up to a quarter cup water or about a quarter cup lemon simple syrup

Put the slice mango on a baking sheet that has been covered with parchment paper.  Put in the freezer and let freeze.  The harder the mango freezes, the more liquid you will need to make it smooth.

Once frozen, put all the mango pieces in a blender.  Cover and start to blend.  If using the lime juice, add the lime juice here.  Add about a quarter cup of water or lemon simple syrup and blend until sorbet in consistency.  If you need to add more fluid do but go gently.

Scoop into a bowl and watch disappear.

I used wonderful in the description of this post a lot because this sorbet tastes so decadent!  But it is not even bad for you.  It tastes like it should though.

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