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that bit is done

The quilting is done.  I hope to have the binding on soon then I have to check an address.

I really do not have a lot of words today.  I did not know what I was going to say.  I am sad.  And work is emotionally tiring.  I just wish to come home and hide.  I walked to the grocery store to get milk and chips to go with seven layer dip and realized that my body had reacted to the day with a sore throat.  It was just a sigh especially since this is the first day since about June I could go outside and read my book at lunch comfortably. 

I do have some recipes to share.  I need to write them down for myself!  I have some pictures I need to take so I can share a work in progress and the yarn that I am making for it.  Hopefully, my new crochet hook will arrive soon.  But words.  Those seem to be few and very far apart.  There is a lot of dough being made.  But none of it  is being made into new recipes.  Cronetti.  Biscuits.  Bread.  Some people call that the art of slow living.  I call it sanity.  Words do not have to be said when there is warm bread and tea.  And other people are willing to take it off your hands if you offer it.

More babbling today.  I am sad.

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