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things I do to destress

Layoffs are happening at work.  Whether the situation is handled well or poorly, there is a lot of stress.  This is not the first time that I have been through a layoff situation but this is the most drown out.  Actual bits of information are coming out this week but they are only bits.  There is not truly enough bits of real information except to cause more speculation which causes more stress.

I am clenching my jaw.  Which causes my head to hurt.  And the stress makes me tired.

I have come home this week, put the kettle on for hot tea even though the afternoon temperatures are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and worked with my hands.  Usually with an audible book playing.

There was a quilt that needed binding.  There is yarn to be made.  There is dough to shape and bake.  There is yogurt to start.  There is another quilt top to start to stitch.

I have shirts to cut out.  I am plotting on putting embroidery on some of the shirts I am making so I am researching designs.

I do feel better. The stress is less.  I am better prepared for tomorrow.  I am glad I do not have much planned for this weekend yet.  I will enjoy the quiet.

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