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artificial Christmas tree

The Thanksgiving holiday did not turn out as planned.  We did not go camping.  The forecast for where we were going was thunderstorms, rain, and a cold front blowing through.  And where we were going always has wind so we would expect more wind.  The better part of valor was to stay warm and dry and healthy.

Thanksgiving dinner was what I had planned for camping:  smoked salmon chowder and potato bread.  It was so simple.  So lovely.  Full bellies.  

Because plans were changed, I spent a lot of the weekend at my sewing machine working on our artificial Christmas tree.  In another worlds, the Christmas tree quilt wall hanging.  The boyos had helped me pin it earlier in the week so the basting was done.  Stitching and binding was what was needed.

And that is what happened.  With an audio book on, I stitched.  I left the house twice to go to the grocery store and there was a need for slurping noodles once.  I could not tell you what happened in the world this weekend until today.  

I really like the colors and fabrics in the back of this quilt.  But it was pointed out to me that a whole quilt of this color is totally impractical for our lives.  I do not mean four year old Koda Bear.  Oh well.  At least I have a wall hanging if I wish. 

I still have not gotten it hung.  I am hoping later this week but I am already feeling the need for more sleep creeping up on me.  I was spoiled by sleeping in until the light woke me.  Waking in the dark is not a pleasant thing.  

Tree is beautiful.

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