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Saturday ice cream

I spent a lot of Saturday at my spinning wheel outside.  Small Mister wanted to be outside and it was nice enough that we could let him.  I needed to be able to watch, so I did it while spinning.  I still wonder how many minutes in a row you can push a swing.  I pushed for until he decided he wanted "ice cream truck."  Which means he wanted ice cream.

My Beloved and Small Mister sat down in the grass with frozen vanilla yogurt.  It was a hit.

So simple. So good.  We did not leave it out to soften so it was a bit hard but that did not really matter.

vanilla frozen yogurt

1 cup yogurt, I use a very thick goat yogurt that is full fat

1/4 cup sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla.  My vanilla is homemade rum based.

Blend all the ingredients together until the sugar dissolves into the yogurt.  Freeze in an ice cream maker or pour into a freezer proof bowl and put into the freezer.  Stir every hour or so for better texture, until it is frozen.

Makes smiles.

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