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an adaption of the sour cream green chile enchiladas

I was wanting Mexican food and my sour cream green chile enchiladas sounded like what I wanted.  But after my Beloved did some reading about corn and processed corn, we have been trying to avoid eating so much.  Mexican food, especially in Texas, is corn heavy.

I decided to put all the inners together and used potatoes instead of tortillas.  It became a full meal au gratin.  You could use sweet potatoes too.  Or a combination.  Sweet potatoes would change the flavor.  You may wish to change the spices to your taste because potatoes absorb spices differently then corn tortillas.  I might cut back a bit on the salt next time.  But there is going to be a next time on this one.  I made a small pan (only one layer) and most of it was gone by the end of the night.

sour cream green chile au gratin (enchiladas with no corn)

1 recipe sour cream green chile enchiladas innards (everything but the tortillas)

6 yukon gold potates thinly sliced (any small potato will work)

Follow the recipe for the sour cream green chile enchilada casserole.  Substitute the potatoes for the tortillas.  Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until the potatoes are the doneness you wish.  My Beloved likes less done then I do so I compromise.

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