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frozen yogurt

Yes, I know the counter needs wiping but this frozen yogurt disappears so fast that I am lucky to get a picture!  

We recently found the frozen yogurt shop Pinkberries but they are a distance a way and I just do not like always have to go out for frozen anything.  I especially seem to like frozen desserts best when it is also freezing outside.  I really do not want leave the house then but I want that yogurt.  

I did some research and the the best frozen yogurt recipe seems to come from David Lebovitz.  I read his ice cream cookbook when it first came out and it was inspiring.  It inspired me to try different combinations and to make ice cream without an ice cream freezer.  Supposedly, the frozen yogurt recipe was better then Pinkberries.   I would say I have to agree.

The recipe is easy.  Find the best greek style yogurt you can buy or make.  I am actually using a goat milk yogurt as our base.  For every cup of yogurt, add a 1/4 cup of sweetner.  Freeze.  I have used brown sugar and maple syrup so far.  

I still use the spoon and bowl in the freezer to make the frozen yogurt.We get so impatient because we taste every time we stir, that so far we have gotten to a very thick pudding but not a soft serve texture.  Frozen yogurt will harden in the freezer if left so pull it out if you wish it to soften.  The other option is to use an ice cream maker but then I would have to buy a new noisy contraption.  

It is really this easy.  So far I have not been tempted to try flavors but when I do, I will write them down!

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