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peanut butter chocolate banana

There are days that I want something sweet but my body and arthritis are saying that sweet does not need to have too much refined sugar in it.  I had one of those days recently and decided to try one of those ideas that floats around of using frozen bananas for a frozen treat.  The biggest difficulty is making sure you have a blender of food processor power enough.  Take a couple bananas and some chocolate syrup (I like lots.  My Beloved likes less) and blend ferociously.  I stirred in large soup spoon of peanut butter.  I did not wish to blend it in because I wanted the texture difference.  

Not bad.  Do not let anyone convince you this is ice cream but if you want something with less sugar and less dairy this works.  And I do not hurt so bad the next day.  It does fulfill the craving.  I do have to admit that if I add milk of some kind and blend it all together it reminds me of the Jamba Juice peanut butter mooed but better.  That is really my go to.  A junk food dinner type of day.  Hamburger patty pan fried, salad, and the smoothie.  My kind of junk food.

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