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poaching eggs

Poached eggs are an interesting thing.  They have myths about them as sourdough starter.  They really are about as easy.  I saw a recipe for potato pancakes that were served with poached eggs.  I decided to give it a try.  Especially since it was not the first poached egg essay I had seen in the recent past.  And they used a tea cup.  That is so me!

poached egg

1 egg


apple cider vinegar

Bring a pot of water to a gentle boil.  Add a glug of vinegar.  Bring it back to a gentle boil.

Crack an egg into a tea cup.  Pour the egg into the water.

Cook for about 5 minutes.  Change the time depending on how solid you wish the yolk.  We like runny and with a gentle simmer it takes a few minutes.

Maybe not the prettiest poached eggs out there but sure tasty.

Our camera is at the shop.  We lost the automatic focus on our camera.  And it is getting cleaned.  I do not know how this is going to work with blogging but we should find out!  I am not sure I have enough pictures saved up for this.  Oh well!

I think I just need more tea.

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