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beans and sweet potatoes

We eat a lot of beans around here, especially on salad.  With the weather we live, we can eat salad most of the year and it is fine.  But there are times when salad just does not put enough warm in your belly.  Like there are times where soup is a must.  Or a thick risotto or stew.  This is one of the weeks.  

Tara over at Tea and Cookies posted about putting beans on baked sweet potatoes.  It was one of the hit you upside of the head moments, why have I not thought of this.  I put sweet potato and pumpkin in beans all the time, so why not on top?  Once we got the cooking of the beans done right, this was a snap.  She suggested to use plain beans.  I used spice beans.  And a different cheese.  And I did not have all the greens she did so I left those off.  I would have liked to have had a creamy dressing because of how spicy the beans were but I did not.

I guess what I am trying to say here is started with the basics here:  a baked sweet potato and beans.  Then use your imagination.

beans and sweet potatoes

Note:  Inspired by Tara's post at Tea and Cookies

1 baked sweet potato per person

1 cup beans per person.  I used spicy lady beans but you can use plain beans or something less spicy

a sprinkle of cheese: I used cheddar and Small Mister helped with the grating so there was more then I would have originally used.  Pretty decadent.  Feta, goat, queso fresco would all be good.  Probably so many others

salsa, use your discretion for how much or if you want any

a creamy dressing:  caesar, ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard.  We did not use any this time but I thought it would be good.

greens:  kale, cilantro, green onion, or anything else you may wish

Make sure the sweet potato is baked through and hot.  Split in half.  Cover with beans, salsa, cheese, and any greens you wish.  Sprinkle with cheese.  

Eat, enjoy, and warm your belly.  My Beloved said it made his belly warm and helped him feel sleepy.

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