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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It has been a quiet day here.  I spent much of it in bed due to a head hurting so bad I could not sit up.  With sleep and ibuprofen, it finally receded but I do feel like I have been hit by a truck.  I think it was a way of my body saying I need to slow down a bit.  Not really surprised.  I do like to do things.

Today's evening has been picture shows, curry, and chocolate toasties.  I used the banana bread I made yesterday.  Most of the loaf is gone because my Beloved really likes it.  He says the texture is so good he cannot tell it is gluten free.

So what are chocolate toasties?  Basically toasted chocolate sandwiches.  I used the chocolate banana bread and  a chocolate ganache in the middle.  I used my toaster oven but you could use a panini pan.  They are very yummy.  I was thinking they might be very good with a peanut butter filling too.  One of those ways to get creative.

chocolate toasties

two slices chocolate banana bread

chocolate ganache ( I melt a bit of chocolate and mix in heavy cream)

Spread the chocolate ganache one one slice of the bread.  Cover with the other.  Toast in a toaster oven or a panini pan.  Enjoy.

This is one of those that I think you could take anyplace you wish.  Use your imagination.

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