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another simple not very sweet sweet

This is a sweet that I have wanted to try after reading about it years ago.  Very simple.  Very Italian.  Just a little bit sweet.  Perfect for the week I have had.  Good week but lots of drama at work.  

I do not know what to call this other then bread and wine.  What do you need?

good bread

a red wine you like

granulated sugar, coarser is nice

I took the Shepherd's bread I made earlier this week.  Toasted a slice.  Sprinkled it with a couple of teaspoons of red wine.  I used a Dolce Tinto.  I like sweet.  Then I sprinkle a bit of sugar over it.  

Not too sweet.  Barely sweet.  Satisfying and simple.  Really nice with a cup of tea or coffee.  

Now just to get through Friday.  I expect more drama just because of what is coming later this month and next month.

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