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risotto balls

A couple years ago, I had balls of mushroom risotto fried into balls in a restaurant as an appetizer.  I really liked them.  I had only one problem with trying to make this recipe for the last couple of years, having enough leftover risotto.  This last batch, I started with three cups of rice and I did have leftovers.

We always like risotto reheated the next day or even cold.  This is just a away to liven that concept up a bit.  I used cheese as a filling but you would not have to.  My Beloved and I thought mushrooms, a mushroom brie, or imitation crab might be lovely.  Whatever you wish to fill them with you could.  It is very easy to make them too large so if you are using these as appetizers, work on starting with small bits all around.

Risotto Balls

leftover risotto

filling:  cheese, cooked mushrooms, cooked crab, anything you can imagine

Take a teaspoon to a tablespoon of risotto and flatten it out.  How much you start with will control the size of the balls.

Place your filling in the middle of the flattened risotto.

Add a bit more risotto over the filing and roll into a ball.

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or until golden.  I baked them with an apple crisp in the oven.  

I used an asedero cheese because that is what I had.  Lovely.  My Beloved said the cheese popped even more when the balls were warm instead of hot.  I just think they are tasty.

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