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lefse because it is that time of year

Myself and my trusty assistant decided we needed to make lefse.  We had had some at my parents over Thanksgiving.  My trusty assistant worked with my Dad then on perfecting the turning of lefse while my sister learned my Dad's newest techniques.  I just brought them home with me.

This is the second post about lefse I have done here.  My Dad perfect the recipe a lot.  He does that.  Tweak until it is right.  The porportions remind me a lot of gnocchi.  And lefse is just part of the holidays for me and why not share again!

lefse (newest porportions)

2 cups mashed potatoes made as if for eating but not with any skin, and they are cold

1 cup flour

more flour to roll in

sugar and butter to eat (unless you are at the Viking Soul Truck in Portland, OR)

Warm a griddle over low medium heat.

On a surface, put the 1 cup of flour.  Add the potatoes on top.  Knead all together.  This is a bit of an uggy mess but will all come together in the end.  The dough will behave better too if you can wait a half hour before starting to roll the dough out.

Take a 1/4 cup of dough ( my Dad made my sister actually measure.  How odd.  I just guess) and put on a well flour surface.  Roll out to a thin circle.  Transfer to the griddle and cook until there are brown spots on both sides.

I like these rolled up with butter spread over them and sugar sprinkled over.  Everyone has their own particular way though.

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