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fig, prosciutto, and duck salad

So that horrible stomach bug I had confirmed that when I eat less sugar and carbohydrates, my arthritis pain is less.  I really like bread and sweets but I have been cutting back.  Less pain is a huge motivator.  It is all about balance but eating more protein and vegetables seems to really help.  

The funny thing is that my Beloved teases me about not eating anything that is green.  I have gotten much better over the years about this one.  A lot of it is due to texture because of boiled vegetables.   I grew up with lots of overboiled vegetables so beans and peas are still very hard for me to eat.  I think it is why I do vegetables roasted so much.  The texture is totally different then boiled.  But when I do not wish to roast vegetables, a salad works.

I was reading Tartellete, a foodie blog, a few weeks back.  She mentioned a duck and fig salad.  I thought that combination sounded really good.  Did I read the recipe?  Another thing I get teased about, of course not!  When I finally got my hands on some figs, I put them together with some duck to make this salad.

fig, prosciutto, and duck salad

Note:  Enough for two with a Small Mister helping to eat mine

salad greens of your choice, I used a mix bag

six figs, stemmed and sliced

about eight slices of prosciutto

olive oil

one duck breast, skin removed



In a skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat.  I cut up a bit of the skin and add it to the oil so I get a few crispy bits.  I then freeze the rest of the duck skin and fat for alter rendering.

Add the figs.  Cook about 6 minutes, until the figs start to soften.  Add the prosciutto.  You want a few crispy bits.  Move everything to one side to brown and add the duck breast.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Let cook about four minutes.  Turn.  Salt and pepper.  Just a pinch of each.  Let cook another few minutes.  I like duck on the rare side.

On two large plates, place the greens.  Add the fig and prosciutto mixture.  Take the duck out of the pan, slice, and share between the salads.  We like this with a vinaigrette.

Makes me smile.

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