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adult apricot cherry beverage

I was reading the blog Tartelette the other day and she described a cocktail that sound incredibly refreshing.  It has been very hot here.  We have had two weeks of 99, 100, 101,....  Yes, the humidity is down but when it is that hot, it is just hot.  In the shade, with a cool beverage and a bit of breeze, it is not bad.  Not in the shade, no breeze, a cold beverage is vital.  We finally went grocery shopping so I got the makings for a lovely cold beverage.  I am not sure it is the same as Tarelette's because I did not look up the recipe.  It may be close.  It may be not.  But it is lovely.

Adult Apricot Cherry Beverage

1 apricot

6 cherries, pitted

1/4 cup rum

1/4 cup simple syrup (plus or minus depending on your taste)

soda water


Put the apricots and pitted cherries in a bowl or blender.  Mush them up together.  Add the simply syrup and mush some more.  Add the rum, and mush some more.  I mixed in the soda water at this time to make the beverage eaiser to strain.  Strain over ice.  Add more soda water until the glass is full.

We used a blender, so the beverage was cloudy.  If you just mulled, it would be clear.  Feel free to change anything you wish but it is really lovely sitting and chatting during the heat of the day.

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