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We are back from our travels.  I have to admit that I would rather be where we were but there is not much I can do about that currently.  Part of that is what that I got a lot of time to sew.  Not to post thought.  My Beloved had an evening where he and the toilet were close friends so I did not even leave the camp site.  Then, we were on the road.  This is my first day I have had the opportunity to post since last week.

I stitched so much while we were traveling and camping that I ran out of thread!

It was a bit frustrating but it did mean that I had time for meandering.

I went for a walk in the mountains.  Most people would call it a hike but then you have to remember my Beloved calls my walks on the beach treks.  I know I walked up and down for over seven miles.  I thought it was easy but then it was not a fourth degree scramble.  I was in a skirt and my sandals.  I just walked in the woods.  It was beautiful.  

I was able to finish many bags.  I will post them.  This one, I loved.  We got the chance to spend a couple of hours with our best friend during our travels.  Miss N was gifted with this bag.  And she bought another!  I made a sale before I could get my store open!

This one was one of my favorites.  So was the other one she purchased.  I am making myself another bag as well.  I find the bags I make keep getting used!  It is a very good thing.

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