new dresses

Before we went on vacation, I had that marathon cutting out session that I posted about.  During that, I cut out two dresses.

I started with the 1911 Sense and Sensibility pattern.  The first thing Russell asked was if I had really used it.  I cringed and told him I used it a a guideline, which was true.  I lowered the bodice by eight inches, widened the skirt to a ninety inch radius, changed the neckline, shortened the sleeves, and lengthened the skirt so I can barely see my toes.

It is really comfortable and actually fits better then it looks here.  I am moving in circles in red shoes.

See!  Red Shoes!  

I also made the dress in brown corduroy.  So I have on in brown and red.  They are so soft that I am afraid I will be too rough on them.  But, I can always make more if I shed them.  I do have that tendency.


another step of balance

I find that when I am depressed or out of sorts, one of the things that seems to help the most is spinning.  I am not talking figure skating, which I do as well.  I am talking about making yarn.

On vacation, I bought this roving.  It has grays, blacks, and white.  It is a merino wool and silk mix.  

I started spinning this evening.  With a glass of JK Scrumfeys near by (a type of hard apple cider).  I spent all day at work wishing I was home spinning.

It is very soothing.  I am not the best spinner in the world, most due to lack of time to practice, but it gives me a lot of pleasure.  I find that it soothes.

I find that this fiber is not quite as soothing as the merino/silk.  It is flax (linen).  It is a trip.  Again, I need more practice.

And what is my Wolf doing while I spin?  He is sharpening chain saw blades!  Welcome to my life (smile).


Trying to find balance

I know I have only been back in Texas for two days but it has been difficult.  I was enjoying the autumn weather of home.  I was able to wear a sweater and a shawl at the same time.  It was one of my favorite combinations:  a ratty cashmere cardigan and a quivit shawl.  I know it does not sound like it should be enough but quivit is WARM!

Work has been good as far as being work.  But it is not working at home.  Someday, yes?

I started the day this way.  I lit the oil lamps I had made and got to stitching.

I finished another 1911 top and two nine squares.  I am trying to make a nine square a day and put it in a quilt.   Somehow, I do not think this will happen.

Did you know that a circle with a radius of 7.97 feet will give you a circle of approximately 200 square feet?  I am playing with ideas for homes and out buildings even though I am trying not to hope too hard.  No word yet.


Going home!

We went on vacation to Washington state last week.  It was nice because there were no have to do's.  I did not even pull out the computer.  It was a good week, even though there were some interesting twists.

 We drove a lot between here and

and here.  And why do you ask?  Because this is the area we would like to live in someday.

We put an offer on this piece of land.  It is on top of a ridge at the north end of Black Mountain and in sight of Canada.  I am trying to not hope to hard because it is so lovely.

The rest of the time was very quiet.  We drank tea, talked, walked, drove, and just spent time together.  We also enjoyed autumn which we do not have where we live.  I got to wear sweaters and shawls everyday!  That made me smile.  We had to run the heater and have blankets on the bed.  Simple pleasures are the best!

I spent a little time crocheting. 

And this is where I crocheted.  It is one of my favorite spots for that activity but I do not get to do it here often.

Now, I am trying to get back to my normal routine.  It is hard. 


deconstructed ratatouille

We have eggplants.  With more eggplants to come!  I actually really enjoy ratatouille but I do not feel that I really have to follow the normal recipe.  This is my autumn style one.

I take some winter vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, and eggplant.

I peel the potatoes and slice all the vegetables.  I roast them at 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper.  I give them a bit of a stir part of the way through.

You want golden bits through out.

Hours before I started a red sauce.  One can of whole tomatoes dumped into the crock pot.  Some onion.  Some garlic.  Some swiss chard that needed using.  Fresh basil from the garden.  Salt.  Pepper.  A little honey.  I put it on low and let is simmer away.

And then I whirred it.  That is the technical term in our house.  Makes me smile.

Now this is why it is called deconstructed.  Russell was hungry so instead of putting it in a casserole and layering the vegetables and sauce.  I made the roasted the vegetables on a plate and poured sauce over them.