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floral wool shawl

This is a wool shawl that I crocheted from BFL/Cormo lamb fleece.  I spun it and it is single ply.

It is so soft.  It is rather large and cozy.  It measures 90 inches across the back.  It does stretch.  From the back to center, 40 inches.  Another good shawl for being cozy with a cup of tea and book.  It is not as heavy at the striped shawl but I think it may be warmer.  That may be because the lamb fleece is softer.

All the variations of brown are from the fleece.

I have been enjoying embroidering flowers on wool.  So I did it here.  All the yarn is from other projects.  Mostly hand dyed from other artisans.   It makes me happy.

It is for sale for $250.  Free shipping in the US.